Dr. Elena Bukvareva

(Scientific Expert in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Valuation)


I graduated from Biological Faculty of Moscow State University in 1983 with a degree of high education in biology. After that, I worked at the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences for 30 years. I got PhD in 1993 and the degree of Doctor of sciences in biology in 2014. The main research areas were the theory of biodiversity and scientific substantiation of the practice of wildlife conservation. I am the author of the theoretical principle of optimal biodiversity, which links the indicators of diversity at different hierarchical levels of biosystems with the efficiency of their functioning. I was also one of the leading authors in preparing National Strategy of Biodiversity Conservation in Russia (2001) and Ecological Doctrine of the Russian Federation (2002).

In 2016-2019, I took part as a leading author in the writing of two IPBES assessments: IPBES regional assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services for Europe and Central Asia and IPBES global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services.Since 2013  I have been working as the scientific leader of the German-Russia project TEEB-Russia  aimed at developing methodological approaches to national and regional assessment of ecosystem services and biodiversity in Russia. TEEB-Russia team published 2 volumes of the Prototype of National Report on Ecosystem Services of Russia, which showed the necessity and possibility of assessing ecosystem services and biodiversity based on the available open data and, among other things, showed the importance of taking into account the interdependencies between biodiversity and ecosystem services in ecosystem accounting.

Since 2011, I was involved to the projects of Machaon International as expert on biodiversity and cultural landscape conservation in  Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and Slovakia.

Due to war I leaved Russia in April 2022.

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