Machaon International offers study-tours for specialists of protected areas and conservation NGOs to European national parks.

Why to participate in study tours to European national parks?

The main aim of study tours is to allow specialists from various protected areas and countries learning from experience and know-how of leading European national parks, transferring best practices, creating international partnerships and initiating cross-border projects involving protected areas and other relevant stakeholders.

Main topics of our study-tours are:

  • Environmental education and ecological tourism in protected areas
  • Traditional architecture and cultural landscape conservation
  • Linking nature, art and culture – how art can support protected areas
  • Biodiversity conservation – examples of leading protected areas
  • Innovative approaches in rural development
Watch a short video from our study tour to national parks of Austria (1.21 min, author Valentina Hoteeva).

Where we were and where we go next

Why to travel with Machaon International?

Machaon International has supported protected areas for over twelve years and contributed to building their capacity by international exchange programmes. Machaon International works closely with many protected areas, NGOs, various government and municipality authorities in various countries of Europe. Over last six years, we have organized over 30 study tours to the following countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. We are able to help with identification of suitable partners and organize customized study tours linked with protected areas and sustainable development. Usual duration of our training programme is 5 days and further 2 days are used by participants for arrival and departure/free programme.

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