Harvest Festival – great celebration of diversity of farming products in Armenia

The “Harvest Festival: Rural Life and Traditions” took place on September 16 and 17 2023 in Dzoraghbyur Village in Armenia. The festival is a unique platform where farmers, producers, processors, buyers, various organizations, and potential investors can meet to exchange experiences, cooperate, and find new markets.

About 200 organic agricultural producers, farmer groups, agricultural entrepreneurs, and women’s groups from all regions of Armenia and other countries participated in this year’s Harvest Festival. The festival was accompanied by a fair of natural and traditional agricultural products.

Additionally, the festival of rural life and traditions featured handicrafts and other products made by artisans from remote regions.

A special award ceremony was also held during the event, and exhibitors were honored with prizes and gifts in the categories of Best Farmer/Women’s Group, Best Youth Group, and Best Entrepreneur, among others.

The festival was complemented by a traditional concert program featuring popular singers, musicians, small cultural groups, entertainment, and performances for children, as well as plays and dance performances.

Within the festival, NABU organised forum, there different organisations had possibilities to exchange experience in support of sustainable agriculture and tourism, promotion of farming products, handicrafts, etc.

The co-organizer of this year’s harvest festival was the branch of German Nature Protection Union (NABU) in the Republic of Armenia within the framework of the Creative Mountains programme funded by the European Union.

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