Alania – the echo of the peace.

The Areas of Inspiration team took part in a land art symposium „Alanyia – echo of the world“, which took place in scenic national park Alanyia (Russia) from 24th of July to 4th of August 2018. Apart from local colleagues we got a helping hand from the leader of MAS “Strážnicko” in Czech Republic – Vít Hrdoušek, renowned artists Mikhail Selischev nad Dmitriy Zaitsev (the art-coordinators of the project “Areas of Inspiration”) and Olga Belova, art-designer and coordinator of volunteers activities from Machaon International.

The location and the main artistic materials were decided to be picked from the natural environment – the choice settled on a landscape with a small waterfall in a rock crag, which was harmonically completed with artists´ masterpieces.
With help of other team members, talented artists created two unique art objects – “Chaos and Cosmos” by Mikhail and “Angels”, which now act as adornment for a new equipped recreational area in the Digorsky gorge at the Kyumaldon waterfall. The area was thoroughly rid of accumulated garbage and the territory was carefully prepared – a small pathway to the waterfall and benches were built.

Another very interesting activity was the seminar encouraging experience exchange, where European colleagues shared their experience gained through implementation of project events, and the deputy director of environmental education, tourism and recreation of the Alanyia National Park – Albina Gazadarova presented the participants the new project enhancing touristic and recreational equipment of the park´s territory.

Posted by: Olga Belova, August, 8, 2018

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