Olga Belova

(coordinator of youth programmes)

I am a Machaon volunteer, scout leader, future geographer and a nature wanderer. I participated in several ecological and volunteer camps organised by Machaon in Slovakia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine and worked as guide and translator during tours.

Work with Machaon opens many doors to the world for a young person as I am – learning life skills – in organisation, dealing with responsibilities, interpersonal skills and creative thinking, travelling and exploring the world. Participating in the projects and the wide range of activities also means meeting a plenty of amazing, inspiring people which, to me, is the greatest benefit. Encountering people, who share your ardour and enthusiasm is the best motivation in both professional and personal life. And this is one amazing thing you get in such projects – not only professional skills, but also real life experience, interpersonal bonds and memories.

As a travel enthusiast, I really appreciate the diversity of places you can see, while pursuing the projects – beautiful localities as Ukrainian Carpathians, far Kamchatka, breathtaking Altai mountains or picturesque Beskydy. But apart from foreign projects, you also learn to appreciate the local natural and cultural heritage in the process.

Machaon has truly changed my life, moved me forward and gave me many impulses for my personal future.

Olga in action