13 entrepreneurial projects to receive grants in the Komi republic

9 July 2020 in Syvtyvkar, the selection committee led by Silver Taiga Foundation has announced the results of the competition for grants to be awarded to entrepreneurs in the Komi republic within the project ‘Northern Lights’ – women-led initiatives in inclusive sustainable rural development. There were 20 applications of which the committee has chosen the following 13 entrepreneurial activities, half of them led by women, which will receive financial grants in total of 3,25 million RUB (40,000 EUR) and expert support from the Northern Lights project.

1) Extension of farm production and dairy cattle breeding at Burenkin House

2) Weaving workshop “Utok” – manufacture and sale of woven products

3) Modernisation of a sewing workshop with new equipment and furniture

4) Home-based workshop for the artistic processing of birch bark

5) Textile shop “Ethno-style” (selling products from the existing sewing workshop)

6) From a piece of clay to the ceramic products – a new pottery studio

7) “Lovia pu” (Living wood) joinery workshop

8) Home-based workshop for the manufacturing of printed fabrics

9) Guest-house “Kluch”

10) Modernization of the weaving studio and sale of its products at fairs

11) Car repair service “Barbuchayka”

12) Blacksmith’s workshop “Iskar”

13) Sheep farm and meat processing “Vezha mu”

Congratulations to all recipients. 

Project “Northern lights-women-led initiatives in inclusive sustainable rural development” financed by European Union 


Posted by: Svetlana Belova, July, 14, 2020

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