Plein air events ”Service trees for the White Carpathians“

The event ”Service trees for the White Carpathians” revolved around a majestic fruit tree species (oskeruše) which as the symbol of the region was saved by an enthusiast who started to promote it and especially various foods and drinks which can be made from its fruits including a very tasty alcoholic beverage. He initiated a regular Service Tree Festival in Tvarožná Lhota with a contest for the best service tree liquor. The tree which can grow up to 30 meters high and its canopy can reach 20 meters in diameter was also the main source of inspiration for 7 artists from Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic who took part in the unique open air painting symposium in Strážnicko in April 2018. The art symposium ended at the Service Tree Festival attended by over 2,000 people with an exhibition of the tree immortalized in painting.

The event were enriching and helped to create a new way of looking at the traditions of pastoral culture and the cultivation of service trees in the White Carpathians in the Strážnicko region. A very nice and pleasant atmosphere at events and informal meetings with schoolchildren, folk group members and the public in the Area of Inspiration “Strážnicko” provided a number of impulses and creative space for the work of artists who appreciate a very receptive audience and warm-hearted friendship.

Posted by: Svetlana Belova, April, 6, 2018

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