Mikola Kachur

(coordinator of programme "Music as the healing")

Master of Arts in Culture. He graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture with a degree in folk art and was qualified as a folk group leader and music teacher. He has 30 years of experience as the teacher of the first category of guitar. He is the author of various methodical guidelines for teaching elementary guitar skills to children and working curricula for elementary and basic levels of guitar playing in art schools.

At the music school, he created a vocal and instrumental ensemble of children and teachers, developed scores and various musical arrangements. He also composes his own music. In this ensemble he plays solo guitar.

Over the past 10 years, together with his pupils and members of the folk group, he has participated in 7 music competitions, 11 regional, 8 national and 6 international festivals in the nominations of folk art and vocal and instrumental art.

He has been awarded various levels of honors for his high performance skills, professionalism, and successful education of the younger generation.

Winner of the first prize of the All-Ukrainian festival “KIRILOVKA-FEST”, the All-Ukrainian festival “Pokrova na Khortytsia” in Zaporizhzhia, the All-Ukrainian festival “Hussar Bulba” in Bilmak, winner of the International Festival “Art Tavria Fest” in Kyiv, “BESSARABIYA FOLK” in Horodne, “Wedding in Paradise” in Vernar, Slovakia, and many others. He was awarded the Presidential Award “For Volunteer Activity and Humanitarian Participation” for holding art events for victims of military aggression in Ukraine,  the medal of the Creative Union of Guitarists “For Service to Music”.

Mikola in action