Zuzana Libiakova

(coordinator of environmental educational programmes)

As I was born myself in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, I built a close relation to the mountains from the childhood. I am familiar with life in the mountains, which influenced my education and career choice.

As a graduating student of environmental management, I am fully committed to addressing the contemporary environmental issues. Nature is close to my heart, and it is evident from the fact that I have been a member of the Slovak Scouting since the age of 6, focusing primarily on living in and with nature. In addition to scouting, I am involved in educating young people in team leadership, organizational thinking, and time management. Education is a significant part of my personality, and during my studies, I also worked at the Institute of Applied Ecology DAFFNE, where I dedicated myself to teaching environmental education in kindergartens and primary schools. I led excursions in nature reserves and organized a summer environmental camps.

My opportunities were slightly put on hold after the birth of my daughter Eliška, but that does not prevent me from continuing to enjoy nature, going on hikes, climbing, rafting, and exploring the beauties of Slovakia. I still engage in education within scouting, and I would also like to continue contributing to environmental protection.

I am an active member of the initiative “I love green Tatras” and highly motivated to educate children about sustainable mountain development issues.

Zuzana in action