Misterious Caucasus

Dates: summer

Type:active adventure

Group: 7-10 people

Price: 780 EUR €

Alania National Park

  • Enthralling area in the heart of the majestic Caucasus Mountains with high biodiversity and rich cultural heritage.
  • The park covers a very rugged system of mountain ridges with the highest peak Uilpat (4,646 m a.s.l.).
  • In Alania one can experience the northern Caucasus from its foothills with grassy meadows and forests and with many historic monuments up to the pristine alpine environment with jagged peaks, glaciers, mountain lakes and waterfalls.
  • The area is famous for its rhododendrons and orchids as well as above 5,000 different species of insects and other invertebrates. But also observing vultures, eagles or a roaming bear is not a rarity.
  • The tour will allow to explore it all on foot, in an off-road car and in the saddle.
  • Last but not least, you will enjoy unique Ossetian folklore and crafts and savour delicious locally produced food and wine.


 Day 1-2  Moscow

Introduction to Russia: arrival to its busy capital. Whole day to explore the megacity with all its famous sites – Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, luxury store GUM, Arbat street with street musicians and cafes and much more.

Day 2 (Mysterious Caucasus)

Day 2 (Mysterious Caucasus)

Day 3 Flight from Moscow to Vladikavkaz

Capital of the autonomous region of Northern Ossetia – place where nature and traditions meet in harmony. Transfer to Alania, a jewel in the national parks family of Europe with no mass tourism and extremely welcoming people.

Day 3 (Vladikavkaz)

Day 3 (Vladikavkaz)

Day 4 Alania National Park

Ruins of pagan temples in Zadalesk and Khanaz and Abysal tower – witnesses of ancient history.

Day 4 (Alania National Park)

Day 4 (Alania National Park)

Day 5 Alania National Park

Remains of medieval town Galiat. White Mountain.

Day 5

Day 5

Day 6 Alania National Park

Beautiful mountain lake Donisar at 3,073 m a.s.l.

Day 6

Day 6

Day 7-8 Alania National Park

Two day hiking trip to the mountain mires of Chifanzar across the mind-blowing mountain scenery.

Day 7 - 8

Day 7 – 8

Day 9 Alania National Park

Ascent to Tana glacier and thundering waterfalls.

Day 10 Alania National Park

Ancient settlement Lezgar and Donifars.

Day 11 Alania National Park

Relax at one’s own pace and farewell with Alania National Park.

Day 12 Departure from Moscow

The End.

Day 11 - 12

Day 11 – 12