Plain air event with folklore ”Sheeps for the White Carpathians“

In the Strážnicko region, art-events  ”Sheeps for the White Carpathians” were organized to capture two major local phenomena in art: the idyllic grazing landscape with humans and animals, who lived in the picturesque countryside since time immemorial and which is now protected by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve and the beautiful service tree (Sorbus domestica) – a valuable symbol of the local cultural landscape that was not long ago on the verge of extinction. The idea of both events was to draw public attention, in particular the interest of young people, to the importance of preserving both phenomena through the works of art and folklore.

The event ”Sheeps for the White Carpathians” was held in June 18-23, 2017 uniting folklore performances with plain air painting. A group of 6 artists from the Czech Republic, Estonia and Ukraine accompanied by local folklore groups and sheep made together a week-long journey across the beautiful countryside of South Moravia. Starting in the town of Myjava in Slovakia, place of famous Slovak folklore festival, the group was crossing on its way little villages where in each of them it made a stop with short folklore programme and with time to paint and to create. Symbolically, their wandering finished in the town of Stražnice in which the whole happening culminated with an exhibition in the open-air museum. It was a great opportunity to feel the atmosphere of rural life and through active walking to experience the symbiosis of people and nature.

Posted by: Svetlana Belova, June, 28, 2017

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