Plain air event “Spring of the Service tree”

The main idea of plain air event to increase public support to conservation of  Oskorushe (service tree) – an old edible fruit-beraing tree which has almost disappeared in Europe. Several local enthusiasts revived an interest to this tree as identity symbol and important source for a range of local products. Every year in April a festival ‚Oskorushe Fest‘ is held in the village of Tvarozna Lhota to celebrate this important local tree. Those who grow the tree as well as many local residents get together to try various products made from its fruit as well as to participated in accompanying entertaiment.

Our idea was to enrich the festival with the presence of artists and creative people to capture this spectacular tree (many grow for hundreds or years) and related local traditions in art. 7 artists participated at the festival where they presented their art-work to the wider public and helped to promote its preservation in nature.