Project "Golden Altai – wealth for local development"

The Project is supported by European Union with the aim to improve the development of nature-based rural tourism in the Kazakh Altai.

Its key mission is to initiate and to advance the process of establishing tourist services by local residents and participating partner organizations.

Popularity of rural tourism in the world...

There is a growing popularity of rural tourism in the world. Tourists increasingly want to learn more about cultural heritage and customs of local people and about local wildlife. Rural tourism is a powerful tool for the development of rural areas. It can support local entrepreneurship and job creation, and curb migration from the countryside to the cities. It helps to preserve the natural and cultural heritage as well as the traditional way of life.

This applies also to East Kazakhstan which is blessed with unique natural beauty and many cultural riches. The Project taps the potential for tourism development in two pilot areas – districts of Ridder and Katon Karagay. Project activities are being carried out in selected villages near the Western Altai Strict Nature Reserve and within the Katon Karagay National Park.

The main objective of the Project are:

  • Capacity building and enhanced co-operation among local NGOs, authorities and protected areas in the field of nature-based rural tourism;
  • Support to local businesses and villagers willing to participate in the actual development of nature-based rural tourism, facilitation of new jobs and income generation from it;
  • Improvement of recreational and investment attractiveness of the Project’s sites;
  • Promotion of tested approaches through the dissemination of gained experience in the development of nature-based rural tourism in other regions of Kazakhstan.

The Project is implemented with the support of the Akimat of East Kazakhstan.

Duration of the project – 3 years (February 2014 – February 2017)

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