Tours to Russia

Machaon International offers to European conservation specialists and nature lovers customised trips to protected areas of Russia which we call a programme “Heading Towards Happiness”. You may be interested to explore our favourite destinations we visited and can easily organize a tailor-made trip fo you.

Why Russia?

Russia boasts the world’s largest system of strictly protected nature reserves (so called zapovedniks) listed as category la by IUCN. They preserve not only large tracts of endless taiga forests and rolling steppes, but also pristine river systems and peat bogs, crystal blue lakes, spectacular mountains and old growth forests teeming with biodiversity.

The establishment of a comprehensive network of nature reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries (zakazniks) and natural monuments is a long standing and effective form of biodiversity conservation and justly the pride of Russia. Today protected areas cover 11.4% or 206.7 million hectares of the country, more than the size of Mexico. 2017 passed the 100th anniversary since the first strict nature reserve near the lake Baikal was created.

Our favourite destinations

Why to travel with Machaon International?

We started the programme “Heading Towards Happiness”, because we love nature and love enjoying it together with people who protect and feel nature. Machaon International has supported protected areas in Russia for many years and has organized over 30 study-tours for Russian specialists to various European protected areas. The idea to organize special tours for European conservation specialists and nature lovers to Russia formalized in 2017 when we had our first wilderness expedition to Kamchatka with colleagues from the Gesäuse National Park (Austria). Since we have expanded our portfolio of tours, each filled with exiting programme and unique wildlife entounters.

Together with our partners and friends in Russian protected areas, we are honoured to invite you – specialists from other European protected areas and true nature lovers to discover some of the Russia’s natural treasures. By joining one of our tours, you will not only explore, learn but for sure you are on the right way towards your happiness.

Friends and partners