Антон Поташ

(Эксперт в области сохранения биоразнообразия)

Имеет уникальный опыт в области сохранения культурных ландшафтов и управления национальными парками.

С 2009 года помогает Махаону в организации стажировок для специалистов ООПТ.

Anton was born in 1968 under the High Tatras in Kežmarok. His grandfather and parents and the nature around  have influenced his life and choice of the profession. After graduating from the University of Forestry and environmental postgraduate studies, he started his work in national parks. In the High Tatras National Park he worked as a landscape ecologist for 13 years. Currently he works as a forester and landscape ecologist in the Pieniny National Park. Saving the country is a lifelong professional job for him. His hobby is birds-watching and nature photography. He also accompanies birdwatchers in the Slovakia.

Why do you like your work with Machaon?

Guests of Machaon International are special people. Their desires and efforts to contribute to the protection of the landscape and the nature. Visits to Russia are an enrichment of mutual and my feelings, they are an inspiration for everyday life.

Anton in action