Kenozero – fairytale land

Dates: summer


Group: 7-11 people

Price: 790 EUR €

Exploring one of the best preserved old-Russian cultural landscapes with picturesque lakes, patches of old-growth forests and a plethora of valuable wooden architecture (proposed UNESCO world heritage site) on foot, by bus and by boat;

Visiting unique wooden churches with well-preserved ceiling drawings (heavens) and icons dating back to 18th and 19th centuries saved from destruction during the Soviet times due to area’s remoteness;

Experiencing the true Russian North where the national park administration (leader in Russia) managed to restore and revive century-old local history, culture and traditions through engaging local residents in their preservation and sharing their life-style with visitors;

Feeling the special atmosphere of ancient times gone by, no internet and mobile phone ringing, but instead savoring delicious locally sourced food, enjoying local folklore, dancing and singing coupled with great outdoors with a chance to see a bear or two.